Christopher Caress has performed as a professional Stage Hypnotist throughout the United States & United Kingdom. After studying at the Los Angeles Institute of Hypnotherapy, Christopher returned home with a degree in psychology, a therapeutic background in hypnosis and a highly developed sense of humour which he puts into a presentation that’s FUNforgettable. An acclaimed Hypnotist Christopher’s sheer originality and overwhelming talent guarantees that there is no other performer like him.

ccaress2Christopher’s incredibly popular stage show is credited with giving the hypnotic show a whole new image combining the intrigue of the mind with the glamour of the mysterious. His mischievous, cheeky style and unique ideas have consistently lead the way & broken new ground for all stage hypnotists.

Christopher’s stage show is probably the most interactive audience participation show in existence. As a form of entertainment Christopher’s show is impossible to beat being both hysterically funny and also an education.

This Magnate of Hypnotism darts through the most unique audience participation show in existence. He’ll mystify you, he’ll intrigue you, he’ll entertain you in a way you will always remember.

12 years on the stage! 12 years of dedication and perfecting! Christopher is celebrating and all who are celebrating their 12th anniversary too can watch his show for free! Learn more…

“You have to see it to believe it”