Within minutes of welcoming the first clutch of volunteers on stage, Hypnotist Christopher Caress has amazed his audience by the speed in which he is able to hypnotise his subjects.
In the last ten years, Christopher Caress has firmly established himself as one of the elite Stage Hypnotists, and arguably, the most talented in his profession.

Hypnotist ChristopherChristopher’s stage show is probably the most interactive audience participation show in existence as it is the members of the audience who become the real STARS as they perform hilarious acts under Christopher’s safe instruction, much to the amusement of their friends and family in the audience. Christopher has modernised stage hypnotism; he places a stranglehold on his audience that few can escape, captivating them with his outrageous and sometimes mischievous routines.

Having performed as a professional hypnotist for over twenty years, Christopher Caress leaves a trail of laughter and mayhem behind him wherever he goes. People who have enjoyed him once keep returning again and again.

While he might be a top-notch hypnotist, Caress is a fast-thinking comedian who milks humour out of every situation that arises onstage. He works the hypnotised volunteers like an orchestra conductor, creating a symphony of harmony out of diversified routines he creates for his individuals on stage.
Caress challenges audiences to open their minds and guarantees to take you on a vacation of the mind! He is energetic and capable of almost anything using the power of hypnosis. If you close your eyes chances are you will probably wake up one of the STARS of the show!

Hypnotist Christopher Caress said, “Unscripted, uncensored, uninhibited, unruly, unbelievable, all this and more is what you can expect when you come to see one of my hypnotic shows. The people in the show aren’t plants, they aren’t even shrubs! These are real people taken from the audience,” he said. “This is what makes every show very different.” He added, “If a person chooses to be in the show, he or she will have an amazing experience and I guarantee you that I will turn them into super stars, for one night only!”