Christopher Caress welcomes audiences to his show, where underwear becomes outerwear and inhibitions are left at the door. Christopher Caress delivers a night of good, humorous, hypnotic, adult fun where the volunteers become the real stars of the show.

Through the power of hypnotism, volunteers are turned into everything possible and can be instructed to call up their friends on their mobile phones and make sexually suggestive propositions or believe they are actors
auditioning for a lead role in a porn flick!

“This show is strictly for Adults only”

The show changes every night because of the unpredictable nature of hypnosis; however, it is certain that the night gets naughtier as Christopher’s imagination runs wild and the volunteers fulfil his every request.

Christopher Caress pushes the limits of the mind to another dimension yet constantly keeps the audience in stitches, proving just how strong the power of hypnotism really is.

Christopher’s show ends on a climatic note as he makes each volunteer quiver with just one shake of his hand. How’s that for a climax to the show!